MultiCam offers a selection of plasma torch head options to compliment your CNC Plasma cutting system that will add to the quality and efficiency of production.

Quick-Stop Crash Protection

Quick stop crash protection for plasma torchThe quick-stop crash protection torch holder makes changing consumables a snap, and protects your investment against serious damage. During the cut process it is possible for small parts to tilt up. If the torch hits one of these obstacles, the torch releases and shifts to the side. The machine will pause and allow the user to fix the problem and continue on.



Roller Hold Down Torch Holder

Roller Hold Down Torch HolderThe roller hold down torch holder rides on the surface of the material to maintain constant torch height from the surface of the material to the torch. The roller torch holder is ideal for cutting thin materials that tend to warp or move when cutting. The roller head keeps pressure on the material, not allowing the material to lift. This option is ideal for HVAC cutting applications.




Automatic Torch Height Control

Automatic torch height controlMultiCam has worked closely with Hypertherm to introduce one of the most advanced automatic torch height control systems on the market today. Most systems have the user manually enter in a reference voltage for torch height. The MultiCam system automatically samples the voltage at the beginning of each program and sets this value for you. This gives you a better cut, longer consumable life, and reduces the chance of error.

Standard on all ATHC systems is a collision sensor that has a heavy duty body designed to survive even catastrophic collisions. The new design provides rigid support for the torch and allows torch protection from part tip-up and collisions from any direction.