AMSi Inc. is leader in custom engineered electrical products with manufacturing in Southern Ontario, Canada. They are committed to long-term partnerships with their customers by offering innovative and diversified solutions. AMSi is capable of delivering high quality, small and large scale projects to customers servicing multiple markets in a safe and timely manner. Some of the markets ASMi services includes Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Industrial, Hydro, and Biomass. ASMi has a team that is highly professional and trained in all facets of engineering disciplines to deliver their clients with a complete turn-key solution.

In order to keep up with the high standards commitment to their clients, AMSi has added the MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Plasma to the list of machines on their plant. The 3000 Series is renowned for it’s precision cut, while causing little to no vibration. We look forward to seeing AMSi benefit from the capabilities of their MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Plasma

The 3000 Series CNC Plasma table also comes with the integrated material database that automates the material cutting process, which means users simply have to select the desired material to be cut as well as parameters such as feed-rate, pierce delay, pierce height, and as a result, other parameters will adjust automatically.


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