CFM Services (a subsidiary of Irving Group) provides machining, fabrication, surveying and dimensional control, cranes and much more throughout Eastern Canada, the Northeastern United States and around the world.

A 3000 Series Waterjet was installed at their facility in Saint John, New Brunswick. The 3000 Series was bought with the SLV Pro 3 intensifier (90,000 psi) to cut mainly stainless steel, aluminum and brass. They will mainly be cutting materials up to 2 inches thick, however will need the full power of the machine to cut up to 4 inches at times. CFM added the 3000 Series to their facility to complement their plasma capabilities and allow for high quality hole cutting so that they can tap holes without the need of re drilling at another location. With this new added ability, the streamlined process allows CFM to increase their capabilities and improve their operating efficiency.


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