Innovative Displays specializes in grand format printing, signage fabrication and display systems, servicing agencies, brokers and other printers.

MultiCam Canada installed the Magnus CO2 Laser for its customer Innovative Displays.  The Magnus CO2 is powerful CNC laser that can cut or engrave nearly any application and is one of the fastest engraving systems on the market. It is also capable of quickly and efficiently processing large areas at a resolution equivalent to printing. The Magnus CO2 Laser can cut square corners without leaving a radius common to routers, and drastically reduces the need to flame polish or run a secondary operation to finish cut pieces.

Now that Innovative Displays has include the Magnus CO2 Laser system, they will save 40% in material usage by reducing the space in-between cut parts. Capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, the Magnus CO2 Laser system is one of the most cost effective and flexible CNC solutions to get the job done.


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