For 34 years Light Visions has turned big ideas into big realities in the retail, outdoor advertising and display industries.  Light Visions is a leader in floor graphics, window graphics, signage,  displays, and billboards, and required a digital finishing machine that was able to keep up with demand.  The Celero 7 Series was crucial addition to their production as it substantially reduces sheet-to-sheet time and helps maximize production because of its ability to easily switch from one substrate to the other since all the cutting tools are readily available and no special tools or calibration are required to change from one substrate to another. The Celero 7 Series  provide the industry’s highest quality of accuracy for repeatable cutting and is engineered to provide end-users unparalleled performance as well as pristine cut quality.

Additionally, the Celero 7 Series Automatic Tool Changer system holds up to 18 tools which include up to nine (9) router bits and nine (9) knives. Designed to automatically change between knife and router cutting tools in a single job file, this system is intended to greatly reduce the possibility of operator-error and material waste.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Light Visions have been very active in producing COVID-19 protection products to help companies cope with the task of trying to stay open during this Pandemic. Using the Celero 7 Series they were able to produce all types of shields, floor graphics and warning signage, and even designed a special low cost shield to supply to schools. With the Celero 7 Series they were able to keep up the demand because of its outstanding speed..

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