Mariner Forge Ltd. is a high precision metal fabrication company. Since 1990, Mariner Forge Enterprises Ltd has served the communities of the Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia by providing a wide range of services, including waterjet cutting, plasma profile cutting, custom metal fabrication, machining services, welding and more.

MultiCam Canada installed a MultiCam 3000 Series CNC WaterJet to complete their fabrication line up along with the the KMT Streamline PRO-III 60HP Pump. The durable and reliable PRO 60 HP Pump with 90,000 PSI will significantly increase cutting productivity by 50-70% over traditional 60,000 PSI cutting speeds.  Further, KMT has enhanced their proven intensifier technology with Rapid Seal Change technology; perfect for high volume production cutting!

The latest waterjet installation at Mariner Forge is great example showcasing the benefits of 90,000 PSI cutting pressure. “Jobs that previously took 8 hours with our KMT Neo40i pump are now being complete within 5 hours time with our new system.” – Chris Mackenzie

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