Mi5 Print and Digital is the best in class litho, digital and wide format commercial print solutions and custom product development company.

Mi5 Print and Digital is a high paced print and digital company that required a laser that can keep up with its demand and remain one step ahead of the competition. MultiCam’s Magnus CO2 Laser was the perfect addition to there business plans. The Magnus CO2 Laser is one of the best selling Laser CNC systems on the market and one of the fastest engraving systems too. When equipped with engraving accessories, the Magnus is capable of quickly and efficiently processing large areas at a resolution equivalent to printing.

By combining prominent engineering developments and the latest in Laser technologies the Magnus Laser can produce quality finishes on a vast amount of materials and a variety of applications. Since the Laser system performs at such a high-degree of precision compared to other cutting alternatives, it will save Mi5 Print and Digital up to 40% in material usage by reducing the space in-between cut parts.

Capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, the Magnus CO2 Laser system is one of the most cost effective and flexible CNC solutions to get the job done.


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