Price Industries, Inc. manufactures HVAC products. The Company offers air distribution products including fan and blower coils, ceiling systems, diffusers, grilles and registers, and noise control equipment.

MultiCam Canada recently installed the V-Series CNC Plasma,  that will allow Price Industries Inc to cut through mild and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper with minute precision. The base frame is made of welded steel with stringers fabricated from aerospace-grade aluminum. Reinforced steel leg supports work together with all this to ensure a high degree of rigidity, minimal vibration, and – precision cutting. Every MultiCam V-Series CNC Plasma Table comes with a Hypertherm cutting system enabling rapid and consistent cut quality. The PowerMax torches offer a wide cutting capacity on aluminum and mild steel with the V-Series that will help Price Industries Inc gain excellent consumable life with air or oxygen.


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