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Based out of London, Ontario, Airia brands is a manufacturer of residential indoor air quality products as well as commercial indoor air quality systems. With 30  years experience, Airia brands Inc has become recognized as a leader worldwide in providing leading edge innovation through their Lifebreath line of indoor climate control and air quality products. MultiCam Canada was thrilled to recently install their 1000 CNC Waterjet and KMT Waterjet Streamline® SL-V Series 60,000 PSI. MultiCam's CNC 1000 Waterjet is perfect for companies who require a high degree of precision when it comes to cutting  rubber, foam, vinyl and textile. Additionally,  MultiCam's CNC 1000 Waterjet comes with many customizable options such as two and three head configurations, laser pointer and a CNC computer interface station.
CNC Waterjet MultiCam Canada's 1000 CNC Waterjet and KMT Streamline SL-VI installation

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October 21, 2020


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