Customer install at Signs R Us
Customer install at Signs R Us

Project Description

Signs R Us’ specializes in sign making and seeks to provide high-quality, full-colour printing on a wide range of materials. The business produces vehicle graphics, point-of-purchase banners, wall and door signs, billboard prints, and more. Mike Alipour, the owner of Signs R Us added the MultiCam 1000 Series Router to his production facility. With the machine, the business has realized major labour savings and a 40% reduction in turnaround time. Mike describes the machine’s accuracy as its best feature. With the MultiCam MultiVision Digital Registration System option added to their Router, Signs R Us’ is able to provide top-quality signs to their clients. MultiVision is a combination of hardware and software. It can visually recognize media registration marks and then automatically compensate for skew and image drift. Unlike competing brands who use low cost cameras, MultiVision uses cameras with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels, field of view of 1″, and working range of 5.5″. This ensures close cut performance with zero tolerance for bleed. With MultiVision, our machines can correct mounting and printing errors. Signs R Us is able to offer their customers a wide breadth of cutting services including cutting PVC, aluminum, wood, corrugated plastic, and acrylic. With a cutting speed of 450 inches per minute, their MultiCam machine has not only improved their ability to service customers but also provided them with the opportunity to take on more jobs as their speed of production grows. [ formkey="NzA1YjM3ZGJiNw,," version="tab"]

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