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This week we had a customer who was experiencing some problems cutting soft aluminum. He was getting a poor finish on his aluminum and after tweaking his speeds and feeds, still couldn’t get an optimal finish. We had our rep from Onsrud visit the customer and he recommended the 63-400 series tools. These are a newer line for Onsrud and have been specially designed to cut soft grades of aluminum and create a good edge finish. The improved geometry properly forms and evacuates the chips, preventing chip rewelding. Chip rewelding is especially problematic for aluminum. If chips are not properly evacuated from the cut, chip can reweld themselves back onto the piece, or the tool itself. Once this happens the tool is useless and must be replaced.

Onsrud 63-400 is a good alternative to 63-700 and 900 Series tools. If you’re cutting soft aluminum and need tooling, email [email protected] or call us 905-738-7954 ext. 201.

Onsrud 63-400 for cutting soft aluminum


Part Number Cutting DIA Flute LGTH SHK DIA OAL Coating
63-420 3/16″ 1/4″ 1/4″ 2″ ZRN
63-430 1/4″ 1/4″ 1/4″ 2″ ZRN
63-450 5mm 6mm 6mm 64mm ZRN
63-460 6mm 6mm 6mm 64mm ZRN


Part Number RPM Feed Rate
63-420 10,000 80 IPM
63-430 13,250 100 IPM
63-450 10,000 80 IPM
63-460 13,250 100 IPM



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