Collet cleaning is an essential part of collet maintenance. As material is cut, it causes the collet, tool holder, collet nut and spindle to become dirty. This causes your tool to cut in an elliptical fashion which will decrease tool life and cause inconsistency in your operation. The collet, tool holder, and collet nut should be cleaned daily using the Rust Free solvent and a brass brush (OC series 33-21 and 33-10). Refer to the critical areas diagram below to see which surfaces should be clean.

Collet Maintenance  Pic 1

Cleaning Instructions

1. Spray the cleaner on the surface and allow it to soak for a minute.
2. Use a brass brush to clean the surface thoroughly.
3. Rinse off using distilled alcohol. Feel the surface using your fingers to make sure the surface is clean.
4. Apply a small amount of Lubricant T-9 to prevent rusting.




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