Pipe cutting is a very unique to cut as it isn’t a flat surface, and with circular pipe’s curved nature, manufacturers often resort to handheld plasma torch. In a previous post, Reasons to Automate, repeatability is essential in cut quality which will determine how customers see your products. Even though some pipes may have flat edges that allow them to lie on a CNC Plasma table, it still remains difficult to rotate them from one side to another as pipes can be extremely heavy.

The Rotary Indexer is an optional feature that has a rotating lathe that easily rotates and positions pipe tubing for plasma cutting. An extended gantry comes with this option which it positioned over both the plasma table and rotary indexer.

The pipe is placed and positioned around the lathe, which will then automatically rotate the pipe to be cut by the plasma torch. This option is also fool proof for square pipes because each time the pipe is rotated the automatic torch height control samples the height, and will adjust the torch height for (higher) corner edges .

As many settle for handheld torch quality on their pipe cutting applications, this rotating indexer option allows users to keep the same high edge quality providing a competitive advantage to those with this technology.

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