Dust collecting is a system used to improve the air quality released from industrial and manufacturing processes through the collection of dust and other impurities from the air. MultiCam Canada has two dust collecting options and it is important to choose a system that will work best for you. MultiCam offers the Pressure Foot and the Dust Collector, both used to remove excess wood during and after the completion of a project.

The pressure foot is not simply a tool for removing impurities when cutting. In fact, it can be used to apply pressure to the surface of the material to help reduce the vibrations that prevent the parts from moving. It is equipped with a standard 2 inch hose input. It is the ideal option for cutting paper masked plastics and acrylic because of its innovative design that applies adjustable spring pressure. The pressure foot is also capable of lifting with the spindle so you can avoid hitting clamps and other obstructions.




The dust collector is generally used in wood shops and designed to be used with high CFM dust collection systems. It is equipped with a standard 4 inch hose input and moves with the Z axis. MultiCam Canada offers an active and inactive dust collector option. The inactive option allows the dust collector to remain at a set height during the cutting sequence. It does not follow on the Z height of the cutting head. Instead, it remains at a set height such as the material surface, and can more effectively pick up particulate while the bit moves to different depths during the cut file. The active option on the other hand, does not remain at the predetermined height.


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