In addition to the webinar Hypertherm gave on lengthening plasma consumable life, they also provide some helpful suggestions for routine cleaning. Here are some of the steps for routine cleaning that will keep your Hypertherm Torch in optimal condition from the Hypertherm Torch Maintenance Guide:

1)    Use a clean cloth to wipe the torch inside and out

2)    Use a cotton swab for the hard to reach internal places

3)    Use compressed air to blow away any contaminants (external)

4)    Use compressed air to blow contaminants off hard to reach internal components

5)    Use compressed air to blow off the coupler threads

6)    Apply a thin film of silicone lubricant to the 2 external O-Rings

7)    Inspect each of the 5 O-rings. Replace if damaged, and if not damaged apply silicone lubricant until O-rings look shiny

Even with adequate care and cleaning, the O-rings will need to be replaced periodically.

Hypertherm torchHypertherm TorchHypertherm torch


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