Proper safety practises are an important part of every company’s culture. Educating employees about the safety issues when working with sheet metal is imperative, especially when you may not have the proper tools.

Some of these hazards include:

  1. Hand cutting hazards – using hand metal snips or a shear can create two adjacent sharp edges that could come in contact with the skin
  2. Power cutting and the eyes – when using a power machine, always wear protective goggles to prevent sharp fragments from entering your eyes
  3. Loose clothing – ensure that workers clothing cannot get caught on corner pieces of metal as it could lead to sharp edges contacting their skin
  4. Heavy sheets– lifting heavy sheets of metal or allowing it to fall off the table in a work area could cause operators standing close by to be injureSafety has been an ongoing concern with all manufacturing companies, as there appears to be more safety requirements with the continual expansion of technology. MultiCam wants to ensure that all of its users are well protected from any danger when operating its machinery. While most safety precautions need to be made at the workplace by following strict safety practises; however there are some systems that can help make the worksite safer.  Some of the Safety Options offered with MultiCam machines are as follows:
    • Photocell Sensors detect movement within a particular area, to protect objects or workers from getting harmed by the machine by being inside the secured area. See diagram
    • Light Curtain forms a security perimeter around the machine using a transmitter to catching interrupted objects using control logic which sends a stop signal to the guarded machine. Both Photocell Sensors and the Light Curtain can be 1 to 4 sided, depending on the area that the machine is in.  See diagram
    • Physical Barrier explained in a previous blog post, works to restrict access to the work cell and prevents employees from casually wandering into an area where they may be injured by automated equipment.



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