The high level of versatility along with the unrivaled power of the Waterjet technology attracts many to make use of it. Its ability to cut virtually any type of material ranging from hard to soft, rigid to rubbery, or delicate to sturdy has made it a valuable asset for many machine shops. The article “Saved by Water” in the Shop Metalworking Technology Magazine provides a highly applicable example of a manufacturer who took his business to the next level with the implementation of Waterjet technology.

The shop owner in this article ran a business that repaired and fabricated parts for emergency vehicles. The work was on a custom order base and so required a great deal of flexibility. At first they outsourced their cutting jobs to an external machine shop, but this eventually became cumbersome and unreliable. It was taking too long to send the job out to the machine shop, wait for it to be cut, and sent back. It was time to bring the operation in house. They needed something that would provide them with the high quality, powerful cutting they required, while at the same time being highly flexible to support the diversity of their product offerings. The solution was to buy a Waterjet CNC machine.

The Waterjet improved their operations tremendously. It offered them the flexibility they needed to operate on a custom job basis, and the ability to cut the wide variety of materials they may be faced with. Jobs that were being done manually or by hand in hours, were now being done in minutes. They were able to go from a shop that focused on mainly repairing emergency vehicle parts to one that was fully fabricating and manufacturing parts.

This is just one of many Waterjet success stories. More and more businesses are switching to Waterjet technology everyday and realizing the benefits this technology can have for their company.

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