A CNC router is a versatile and essential tool in the manufacturing operations of mvacuum22any firms and has the capability to transform materials such as wood and plastic into a variety of customizable objects. An important component of the transformation process is ensuring the work piece is secured properly to eliminate any potential damages and unexpected losses.  There are several possible methods; however, there is one common and very effective method used to properly secure the materials to the machine. Typically, the materials are held down using a vacuum table with a spoil board on top.

This method is useful as it allows vacuum suction through the low density table and allows for the placement of parts safely and securely anywhere on the surface.The important component of this process is the vacuum pump which is responsible for maintaining the positioning of materials. The vacuum component is very durable withpturbovacsh strong suction and helps to eliminate the possible risk of movement of the materials even during the deepest of cuts. The vacuum pump is imperative to the entire process as it ensures the materials will not come loose during the operation, an occurrence that has the capability to cause damage to not only the work piece but the machine itself. Recognizing this potential hazard, MultiCam Canada offers several quality vacuum systems that have been developed though years of rigorous testing and trial. All MultiCam systems feature solid phenolic working surfaces, and due to the variation in hold down techniques the standard vacuum systems meet a broad range of demands. Some of the vacuum pump options include: MultiCam TurboVac Positive Displacement Systems, Republic RB2000 Centrfiugal Blower, and the Dekker Vmax Oil Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum System. Keeping your materials and machine safe is a priority and both are in great hands with the vacuum pumps offered from MultiCam.


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