Quickduct CAD allows the user to create shop drawings as well as 3D coordination drawings. This sophisticated software provides the user with many features that enable them to edit, label and to perform duct cutting. With a CAM interface it allows for smooth transfer from the design process to the manufacturing process. The following is a breakdown of the features and benefits of this software:


  • Easy to read and understand: It is important for the design to be easy to comprehend because the person who creates the design may not necessarily be the one implementing it. As such, this characteristic is important to ensure communication is effective and operations run smoothly.
  • The ability to edit designs easily: It is essential during the design stage of the production process to be able to modify elements. Even later on in the process this is important to accommodate for any unexpected problems that may occur once production begins. The various editing tools in this software allow for dynamic and adaptable manufacturing.
  • Save time by reducing hours of work to minutes: Saving time creates cost reduction as well as increases in productivity



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