QuickPlate Builder is the quickest way to build a nested plate!  The software features a simple one screen platform which lets you draw, design and nest your parts. The following are some of the comprehensive features that are included in this software:

  • DXF import and CAD drawing: QuickPlate Builder allows you to easily import DXF files directly to the software. The easy to use drawing tools allow easy manipulation and designing of parts. You can even work with multiple drawings at once.
  •  Advanced Shape Nesting: This feature automatically positions parts to maximize material usage. Additional nesting features include chain cutting, move and bump manual nesting, feature avoidance, and part tabs.
  • Powerful machine tool configuration: The tool edit module manages all tool parameters such as kerf, lead in, lead out, feedrate, etc. This feature still allows for real time modifications to parameters as well
  • Winlink Communication: This software’s Windows-friendly programming allows easy communication with your PC.
  • Optional Fitting Library: This library provides an extensive collection of ready-to-use fittings layouts and designs.
  • On-line Help: Online resources including demonstrational videos are available to assist you with getting the most from your software.
  • Support Program: ShopData has an extensive technical support, that can help you learn about your software and assist if any issues arise

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