Sideros engineering offers a range of sophisticated high quality downdraft tables. A downdraft table essentially helps to eliminate dust and debris from the work platform. They take care of what is left after a cut is made whether it is small pieces of material, fumes or any other undesirable by-product of a production run. They have what are called suction channels, which are like high powered vacuums that whisk debris away. Sideros offers four different types of downdraft tables for plasma, oxy and laser cutting operations:

  • Orion: Applications for this type of table include oxy cutting and medium power plasma cutting. This table has one or two suction channels which are protected by thermal shields
  • Sirius: For high powered plasma cutting or multiple torches. There is a single high powered suction channel down the middle of the table.
  • Polaris: Used for oxy cutting of thick sheet metal. It has suction channels and pneumatic components.
  • Lasertab: This model is used for all types of laser cutting

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