Sideros Engineering offers many useful tools for your machine shop. The dust collector unit  is a moveable filtration unit that provides high power suction and filtration performance. This versatile piece of machinery is used alongside manual welding and grinding operations.

Features and Advantages

  • High power vacuum and filtration power
  • Pivoting wheels and handles make the unit easy to move and versatile for any job or shop environment
  • Reasonable dimensions allow for undemanding space requirements
  • Adjustable arm allows for flexibility and the ability to adjust the capacity and position of the suction port

Models Available:

  • ECO 2C: the ECO 2C unit is made from high quality electro welded structure, and divided into dirty and clean chambers. Within the dirty chamber there are two top grade cartridges along with a slag collection box at the bottom. In the clean chamber there is a fan motor, counter current compressed air cleaning system, and an electronic management module. Due to the dual chamber, and cartridge approach, the ECO 2C model is a highly efficient machine that allows for high powered and absolute filtering. This means that in comparison to the ECO 15 units, they do not require periodic changing of filters, therefore contributing to their highly efficient status.
  • ECO 15 Units: The ECO 15 units include both the ECO15T and the ECO15E models. What distinguishes these sub-models from each other is the type of filter they have. The ECO 15E is equipped with an electrostatic dust collector which the ECO 15T is equipped with a rigid pocket dust collector. Both these units are used to suction fumes and remnants of welding and grinding operations. While these units do require their filter to be changed, the process is quick and easy.

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