MultiCam Canada is pleased to announce the new 7000 Series five-axis CNC Router. The machine itself has the normal X, Y and Z-axis. On the end of the Z-axis, MultiCam added a 360-degree rotational axis and a 180-degree swing axis. An easy way to picture this is to visualize a hemispherical work envelope (the lower half of a basketball) on the end of the Z-axis. We can put the tool at any point on the surface of the hemisphere under full CNC program control. You may program all five axes to move simultaneously or program the fourth and fifth axes separately. The 7000 Series can also be locked in the vertical position to run the 7000 Series as a standard three-axis machine. Five-axis CNC machining opens up a world of new applications for MultiCam. A primary use is edge trimming thermoformed and molded plastic and composite parts.

They often have interior cutouts on an angled plane, which also calls for simultaneous five-axis machining. Other applications include deep-cavity mold making that requires short tools. Customers will need five axes to cut many wind turbine parts. Molded plywood chair and furniture parts may call for simultaneous five-axis machining.

Using all five axes of movement isn’t always necessary. Five-axis machines are extremely flexible with the ability to expand a shop’s capabilities for future business.

Look for more detailed specs on this exciting new machine in the near future!


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