The parabolic move of sign companies into the flat-bad digital printing space has spiked demand for digital cutting machines. MultiCam has recognized this shift in the market place and introduced knife-cutting capabilities to the existing routing platform. MultiCam, with origins in Routing Capabilities, has been able to achieve market competitive knife-cutting speeds while maintaining superior rigidity.

The advantage with a MultiCam knife-cutter is that it offers both routing and knife-cutting capabilities in a single platform. Most competitors only offer knife or routing options, not both, giving MultiCam an advantage when cutting various substrates. Having the versatility to switch between knife-cutting and routing without sacrificing quality is very important to be competitive in the marketplace. Users are able to use the correct tool option for the material being cut instead of being limited to one technology or another. As an example, a sign company is able to use a drag knife when cutting up to 4mm sintra; thicker substrates would require using routing capabilities.

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