Only a few weeks ago, MultiCam Canada showcased the CNC Digital Express at the Mississauga International Centre for CONSAC Imagemakers sign show. We would like to thank all those attendees who came out to visit our booth—it was a pleasure meeting all of you!

At the trade show, the Digital Express machine was cutting the graphics seen in the image on printed sheets of 4’ x 8’ foam core with an oscillating tangential knife head. The oscillating knife is best for cutting through thin, flexible materials as it gives a clean, concise cut. The Digital Express machine included a dual tangential knife cartridge receiver. This meant that the primary oscillating knife was beside a second head, which had automatic knife changing options located at the back of the machine. The Automatic Tool Changer at the back was able to switch the cartridges under program control; the four knife options included the creasing wheel, rotary, kiss cut, and drag knives. Additional knife options include the high frequency oscillating, ultrasonic high frequency, perforating wheel, and 45 degree knives.

Before the Digital Express started cutting through the foam core with the oscillating knife, the MultiVision Digital Registration System first used the 1280 x 1024 pixel camera to capture the fiducials, also known as registration marks allowing it to cut with 0.001 tolerance. Fiducials are printed with the graphics to be cut in order to compensate for skew, image distortion, and image drift. Essentially, if the work piece is out of place, then MultiVision will use the fiducials to align the cut file to where exactly it should cut. The MultiVision Digital Registration allows the Digital Express to cut with 0.001 tolerance making it very accurate.

In terms of speed, the Digital Express has the ability to cut at 3000 IPM and a rapid traverse of 7000 IPM. For more information on the Digital Express, click here to view the Features and Specifications guide.


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