• How To Cut Glass With A Waterjet

    Cutting glass has always presented a unique challenge.

    CNC Waterjet Cutting Glass

    Two layer laminated glass cut using WaterJet technology

    Glass is a hard material composed of sand and an alkali metal that at a high temperature become fused together. It is considered to be an amorphous or non-crystalline material which is characterized by unique physical properties. Due to its brittle nature glass fragments easily as can be seen from the ease by which it shatters. Accompanying its brittle qualities, it is characteristically a very hard material.

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  • The Advantages of WaterJet CNC Cutting Systems

    waterjet2WaterJet CNC cutting machines are high pressure systems that offer a set of unique advantages over some of the other cutting systems available on the market today. First and foremost, WaterJet CNC machines are extremely versatile machining systems that possess the ability to cut virtually any material with both precision and power. The WaterJet’s combination of water and abrasive works on a variety of materials that cannot be cut with other more conventional types of CNC machining systems. Glass and stone are two great examples of difficult materials that only WaterJets can cut; however, they are not limited to only these two materials; stainless steel, aluminum, and foam are a few examples of materials that WaterJets can cut with the same accuracy and precision as its Plasma and Router machining counterparts.


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  • 1000 Series Waterjet Cutting Various Materials

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  • Introducing the *NEW* MultiCam V-Series Waterjet

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  • Waterjet Proves to be Effective and Efficient at Pine Valley Packaging Ltd.

    Founded in 1985, Pine Valley Packaging Ltd. has earned a reputation for providing customers with superior custom packaging designs at high quality yet competitive prices. Pine Valley Packaging is capable of foam fabrication, plastic corrugated fabrication, sewn bags fabrication, CNC custom fabrication, and product lamination. Just last year, Pine Valley Packaging has made the addition of MultiCam’s 1000 Series Waterjet to their production facility.

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