• How To Cut Glass With A Waterjet

    Cutting glass has always presented a unique challenge.

    CNC Waterjet Cutting Glass

    Two layer laminated glass cut using WaterJet technology

    Glass is a hard material composed of sand and an alkali metal that at a high temperature become fused together. It is considered to be an amorphous or non-crystalline material which is characterized by unique physical properties. Due to its brittle nature glass fragments easily as can be seen from the ease by which it shatters. Accompanying its brittle qualities, it is characteristically a very hard material.

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  • 5-Axis WaterJet Machining: Opening a Wealth of Opportunities

    With the revolutionary 5-Axis CNC cutting technology gaining momentum in the marketplace, many shops are transitioning to 5-Axis WaterJet CNC machining systems to satisfy a broad range of cutting needs. As the name suggests, 5-Axis CNC cutting allows the WaterJet machine to maneuver at five different axes simultaneously, which is a feature that has drastically changed the landscape of the CNC cutting marketplace. This feature differs from a more standard WaterJet device which moves along only 3 axes (X,Y,Z). 5-Axis technology gives machines the ability to create complex shapes in a single set up, ultimately enhancing production levels. This increase in efficiency is especially evident in waterjet machinery.

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  • Metalworking Manufacturing & Production EXPO (Moncton)

    Join us at the Metalworking Manufacturing & Production EXPO in Moncton, NB today (May 29th, 2018)! Router | Plasma | WaterJet |Digital Cutting/Knife | Fiber Laser | CO2 Laser

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  • CNC WaterJets vs. CNC Lasers

    High-pressure CNC WaterJet machining offers unique advantages over other cutting technologies. These machines use a concentrated stream of water to erode materials with a high degree of accuracy and have no heat-affected zone. CNC Laser cutting, on the other hand, involves focusing a laser to melt, burn, or vaporize a material. The main advantage of lasers is that the laser never touches the material its cutting, thus avoiding contamination and reducing the size of the heat affected zone (HAZ). Both Lasers and WaterJets are attractive options for any machine shop, but WaterJets are more cost-effect than lasers and can cut a wider range of material. Below are just some of the advantages WaterJets offer over CNC Laser machines.

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  • More than Metals: WaterJet Technology Opens Doors

    By: Dr. David A. Summers

    Wandering the aisles at the recent IMTS and FABTECH trade shows, the booths exhibiting waterjet-cutting technology always seemed to attract quite a crowd. The process creates relatively little noise, so show attendees can still communicate, and cutting demonstrations often produce the type of show trinkets that attendees enjoy keeping and showing off. And, these souvenirs serve as perfect reminders of the capabilities of the waterjet-cutting process.

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  • Video: 3000 Series WaterJet Cutting 4-inch Steel

    The MultiCam 3000 Series WaterJet is an affordable, easy-to-use production cutting solution designed for manufacturers that want the ability to cut a wide variety of materials. High-pressure WaterJet machining also offers unique advantages over other cutting technologies allowing the user to cut highly accurate parts with excellent finish and no heat affected edge.

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  • Customer Installation: 3000 Series WaterJet Installed at ABCO Industries

    ABCO Industries Limited recently installed a 3000 Series WaterJet in their facility. Located on the waterfront of the UNESCO World Heritage designated town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, ABCO Industries Limited is a world-class supplier and manufacturer of engineered metal products to processing and marine industries.

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  • Video: 3000 Series WaterJet Cutting Aluminum

    The 3000 Series WaterJet is an affordable, easy-to-use cutting solution designed for manufacturers that want to be able to cut a wide variety of materials. WaterJet machines allow manufacturers to cut highly accurate parts with excellent finish and no heat affected edges.

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  • Video: 3000 Series WaterJet

    The 3-axis 3000 Series WaterJet is available in both pure-water and abrasive configurations and comes standard with NC GeoMate programming software. This machine will be able to suit your cutting needs for many different applications.

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  • Customer Installation: One of Canada’s Largest Construction Contractors

    Working with Habitat for Humanity to Give Back to the Community

    MultiCam Canada is thrilled to announce the recent installation of both a 5-axis 3000 Series WaterJet and a 7000 Series Router with a knife option for one of Canada’s largest construction contractors. The company plans to use these machines as part of a joint project with Habitat for Humanity to help build two-unit, semi-detached homes for low-income families. This is a project that resonates deeply with our core values and we are happy to have the opportunity to contribute.

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