• Tutorial: How To Get Mirror Like Edge Quality When Cutting Acrylic

    When cutting acrylic for applications where the edge will be visible and will need to be either polished or at least very smooth, it’s absolutely imperative that you get the cut right the first time. So, today we put our new 6mm Crown Norge Diamond bit to the test and were blown away by the […]

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  • CO2 Lasers have a lot to offer

    For today’s post we have another excellent article from the Canadian MetalWorking Magazine. In this installment Nestor Gula discusses the role of Laser Cutting Systems within the manufacturing world and delves into the key differences between fiber and CO2 lasers. When it comes to deciding on the right type of laser cutting system, fiber lasers have been […]

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  • Acrylic Cutting 101

    Acrylic has become an incredibly popular material, from the sign and POS (point-of-sale) industries to medical devices and outdoor furniture. Acrylics have found their way into CNC routing operations due to its strength, ease of handling, transparency, and flexibility in use. But what exactly is acrylic, how does it compare to other plastics and materials, and what is the best way to route?

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