While plasma cutting might seem simple enough when you’re just getting started, experience shows us that there’s more to it […]
oscillating knife
We all know the old sales joke: You can have it good, fast, or cheap, so pick two. High-precision plasma […]
For many self-employed fabricators, the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey began with a welding power source. Welding skills travel, and […]
oscillating knife
MultiCam talks to Modern Metals magazine about how its CNC Plasma technology no longer takes a back seat to fiber […]
HPR800 thick metal cut
Article featured in FabShop Magazine and written by Jim Colt of Hyperthem High-definition plasma cutting has been available for almost […]
Plasma cutting is a process in which electrically conductive gas is harnessed and controlled. A torch holds consumable parts, which constrict […]
At CMTS this past October, we showcased out 3000 Series CNC Plasma with a water table. Questions we received throughout […]
How to Choose the Best Gas for Your Plasma Torch There are five main types of plasma gases used in […]
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