MultiCam offers a wide range of machines for all your cutting needs. For the sign industry a knife cutter or router is often the machine of choice for many businesses. However the laser cutting machine offered by MultiCam can be a great addition to your equipment as well. With state of the art laser technology, this machine is providing sign makers a unique alternative. Due to its powerful technology the laser machine is extremely versatile and provides quality cuts at high speeds. Since signs can be made of so many different materials, ranging from acrylic, to vinyl, to plastic, the flexibility of the laser technology is a huge asset.

The MultiCam 2000 Series laser is designed for full sheet cutting of a variety of materials. It is equipped with digital AC brushless servos, high precision planetary gear boxes, and helical rack and pinion all the laser to operate at top speed without sacrificing accuracy or quality. This means that you can save time without having to compromise the value of the product you are offering. The 2000 Series Laser is a machine that will truly offer the user a win-win situation, instead of confronting them with an unpleasant trade off between increases in productivity and decreases in quality.

The Laser Cutter is offered with a variety of lasers catered to fit your preferences and requirements. You can choose between the Synrad Firestar (100, 200, and 400 watt configurations), Rofin (300 and 600 watt, water cooled) system, or Coherent’s Diamond E-Series (400 and 1000 watt) system.

Offered as a standard feature with the 2000 Series Laser Cutter is a high-end flying optics system with various available focal lengths. There is also a red laser diode pointer to assist in setting up the optics and material prior to the cut. The Z-axis has a capacitive height sensing option allowing it to readjust to accommodate for changes in material while cutting. With the ability to execute high quality raster engravings, this machine is an invaluable tool for anyone in the sign making industry.

The above are just a few of the standard features offered for the 2000 Series Laser. Other features include:

  • EZ Control Integrated Library
  • Tabletop  Options
  • Fume Extraction
  • Cut Gas Delivery System
  • Standard Surface Mapping

For more information on these features, or to find out more about the MultiCam 2000 Series Laser visit

Whatever your sign making or cutting needs are, the 2000 Series Cutter will offer a fantastic solution. The fast speed and powerful technology that Laser cutting offers is greatly beneficial to production processes, and its versatility will create a competitive advantage for your company.


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