Located in Burlington, Ontario, Jones Neon Displays provides custom illuminated and non-illuminated signage across Canada. They create signature signs for their customers to help them gain that “professional look”.

In 2011 Jones Neon installed a MultiCam 3000 Series Router in their sign shop. They needed a machine that could handle their ever increasing workload. Perfect for the sign making industry, the MultiCam 3000 Series Router is capable of high volume production and comes equipped with a variety of standard features.

Speaking with Bruce Leaver at Jones Neon Signs it was clear that they put their new router to work right away cutting a wide range of sign making substrates. He stated that the flexibility of the machine allowed them to cut all the aluminum, PVC, Gator foam and various types of plastics they were using for their signs. When asked how Jones Neon had previously been cutting these materials Bruce replied that they had been using another CNC table. “It was probably almost 40 years old!” Bruce added that the old router had been updated a few times throughout its operation, but that it was clearly time for a new table.

When asked what his favourite feature of the machine was Bruce said that it would have to be the speed and ease of use. “Compared to what we used to have it is so much faster and easier to use”. With a rapid traverse speed of 2500 IPM and a cutting speed of 1400 IPM, the 3000 series router has allowed Jones Neon to increase productivity and keep up with their growing workload. Bruce also cited the great benefit that their 8-position linear automatic tool changer provides. The automatic tool changing feature is a mechanism attached to the machine that sits at one end of the gantry allowing the tool in use to be switched off for a new or different tool. All of this is done in an automated efficient process, saving the operator time and increasing productivity.

Before we finished speaking, Bruce wanted to add a special note about the exceptional after sale service provided by MultiCam Canada. He stated that since they bought the machine the service has been amazing, and that MultiCam Canada’s technical support has been excellent. “One of the reasons we chose MultiCam is because of the great follow up service they provide”. He said that when buying a machine the after sale aspect is almost as important as the machine itself. “It’s when the machine breaks down that you need the service and that is when it really matters”.


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