1)    Design Tools: These tools allow the user to easily create and edit shapes. They include such features as the jigsaw tool for constructing shapes and the vectorization engine.

2)    3D Surfacing/Texturing: EnRoute allows you to add texture to your design and then cut it. This feature creates so many new design possibilities that extend from the constraints of two dimensions to the flexibility of three dimensions. The software has a collection of Parametric Surfaces, as well as a Rapid Texture tool that allows the bit to cut three dimensionally.

3)    Nesting: optimization of materials is a very cost effective application of the EnRoute software. Making sure that you get the most output from the material you are using is essential to ensure optimal utilization. The Nesting Suite offers new features in EnRoute 5. These features include new nesting algorithms, simple interface as well as common line, nest around obstructions, and block and remnant nesting.

4)    Toolpathing: Provides a fast and reliable toolpath engine which allows for automatic recalculation when changes are made. You can view the output in 2D simulation, 3D simulation and finally use the G Code viewer to validate the actual output. The AutoToolPath Feature enables processing of DFX files using previously saved strategies. All of these features save the user time, and ensure the highest quality designs, and output.

5)    Production: EnRoute provides tools for all the steps of the production process. It allows the user to design what is to be cut, creates a toolpath and finally outputs the information to its application.

To read more about the NEW EnRoute 5 Core strengths click here.


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