Located in Lucan, Ontario, Roestenberg Welding is a “one stop steel shop” as they provide everything from steel fabrication and welding to design, engineering, and consulting services.

In early 2010, Roestenberg Welding installed a MultiCam 6000 Series Plasma in their shop. The 6000 Series Plasma is a powerful cutting solution ideal for metal fabrication applications with the ability to cut through thick materials at high speeds. Equipped with a powerful HPR 400XD Hypertherm Torch, which has a piercing capacity of 2” in mild steel and up to 3” in mild  steel, this machine provides Roestenberg Welding with the opportunity to cut materials within a wide range of varying thicknesses. With a rapid traverse speed of 1000 IPM, all steel frame, and precision guide this machine is one of the most accurate heavy cutting systems on the market.

Speaking to Jason Bear at Roestenberg Welding it became evident that this machine was being used for a wide range of applications in their shop. Just a few examples of how they are using the 6000 Series Plasma include fabricating base plates, knife plates, and flanges. It has integrated into their existing system to provide a powerful and versatile tool which has improved their ability to service customers by “500%”. It has allowed processes to be faster and more accurate, increasing efficiency significantly.

The 6000 Series Plasma has allowed Roestenberg Welding to lower costs and increase efficiency .Previously a majority of the work that is now being done on the plasma machine was outsourced to other companies. Now they are able to do more themselves in house which is definitely a lot more cost effective. It has also increased productivity allowing more to be done in less time.

When asked what he feels is the best feature of the machine Jason said “the flexibility and versatility”. They are able to use it to cut everything from gauge material to 3 inch material. Versatility is an extremely useful tool for a company that values the diversity needed to be a “one stop steel shop”.

“It has been a great addition to our company. It has improved our facility to the point where we can do everything in house and improved production tremendously”. – Jason Bear, Roestenberg Welding

When asked if he had any general tips for future machine operators Jason responded with the advice to be patient in the beginning. He says to start with the basics, but then once you know how to use the machine you can do anything. They have been able to do things such as clip angle and holes in tubing. You can even start experimenting; it’s a very versatile machine.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/38854750]


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