CNC routers are automated cutting solutions aimed at increasing the productivity of manufacturing processes while enhancing product quality.  Routers can cut a wide variety of materials, anywhere from CNC-Router-Category3wood to aluminum, establishing itself as a very flexible cutting device. CNC routers are responsible for satisfying even the most unique manufacturing needs, providing shops with the versatility and efficiency needed to improve operations, and helping to stay competitive in an increasingly globalized marketplace. Although its flexibility and ease of use are often considered the router’s defining features, they also have several other characteristics that make the machine a powerful well rounded cutting solution.

The precision cutting offered by many CNC routers is often enough to warrant purchasing this incredible technology. Driven by CAD software such as Enroute for MultiCam machines, machining very difficult and precise materials has become much easier than any manual cutting process available. The precision offered by routers cannot be matched making these machines the optimal choice for many manufacturing operations. As a direct result of the precise cutting abilities, routers also create much less material waste than other conventional cutting methods. For many proactive shops, the reduction of material waste will result in exponential savings and an increase in profit margins. In addition to the cost savinitem9dgs as a direct result of better utilization of raw materials, other cost saving opportunities become applicable including a reduction or realignment of your work force. This is merely the product of computer automation for many former manual processes. With these powerful machines completing many smaller tasks, shops can better utilize their workers to enable operation expansions. Lastly, as it was alluded to above, the sheer number and variety of materials routers can cut make the technology a worthwhile investment. In fact, MultiCam routers can cut roughly 30 different materials ranging anywhere from foam to acrylic.

CNC routers are impressive machines that help shops reduce work, create less waste, and ultimately improve operating capacity and efficiency. MultiCam offers several CNC routers including the Classic, 1000, 3000, 5000, 7000 Series’, as well as the 8000 Series which utilizes 5-Axis technology for the most precise cut on the market. MultiCam is unrelenting in its pursuit to provide clients with a complete business solution containing the benefits mentioned above and many more.


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