The EZ Control system is a powerful hand-held computer controller that works alongside your CNC equipment to streamline processes. This system while performing comprehensive automation functions has an extremely user friendly graphical user interface.

There are still many control systems out there that are only offered in a stationary format. The extreme mobility of the EZ Control System provides many benefits to the operator that in turn helps you to improve your processes. In fact MultiCam understands how important having a flexible and mobile control system is so they are working on developing a wireless system!

Benefits of the Hand Held EZ Control System

  1. Mobility:  The hand-held characteristic of the EZ Control System allows the operator to move around while maintaining control of the machine. Instead of having to run back and forth from a stationary unit to correct or modify elements of the job the operator can stand right where they need to be. They can essentially keep their eyes on the machine and the controller in their hands. This way they can quickly make any necessary modifications and continue on with the production run rather than running back and forth to a workstation.
  • Features of the EZ Control System such as Tool Compensation, Tool Management System, and Cut Speed Override allow the operator to make such changes in real time as production is happening.
  1. Space: The EZ Control System is very compact and space effective. It sits on a stand right in front of the machine. The unit itself is small enough to grasp with one hand. Therefore it frees up valuable space in your workshop that could be used for other purposes.
  2. Increased Ease of Use:  The EZ Control System is extremely straightforward and allows for almost anyone to easily run the CNC machine. This will reduce training time, costs, human error and increase scheduling and production flexibility.
  3. Increased Automation and Streamlining of Processes: The EZ Control System makes seamless, continuous processes possible. It allows for increased productivity due to the fact that the operator can accomplish more in less time. As mentioned above, it decreases production downtime due to training or staff scheduling. If one member of the production team is away or leaves at the end of a shift, the next operator can easily pick up right where they left off due to the system’s ease of use.

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