Many shop owners are making the switch to CNC technology and automation for their production processes. While this can be a considerable investment, it is one that is quickly paid for by the incredible increase in productivity, typically 30-50%. The following is a brief overview of just some of the many benefits switching your machine to using CNC technology can provide:

Improved Automation

Automation allows a machine to perform a job relatively independently allowing the operator to perform other tasks. It creates the opportunity for reallocation of resources. They could use the time to get the next cut job ready, creating a seamless flow of production. This inevitably increases your company’s productivity, decreasing costs and increasing profits.

Precision and Consistency

For many manufacturing businesses precision and repeatability is crucial. Whether it needs to be a standard size, quality or level of detail, consistency is crucial. CNC machining provides this ability to reproduce large quantities of an item with the same specifications throughout the production run. This repeatability ensures that the high level of quality stays the same and is not compromised by human error. For CNC machining the repeatability is usually +/- 0.001. This allows precise measurements, specific characteristics, and high quality to be present in the final product.


Due to the high level of automation and versatility of CNC machines they are able to perform a wide variety of cutting jobs. Since the technology is compatible with computer aided design, it can easily adapt to alterations in designs or completely new designs all together. This allows a company to diversify what they offer and use their CNC machine for a variety of applications. The extreme flexibility of the CNC technology also allows them to evolve and adapt their product or what they are cutting at any point in the production process.


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