If you have experienced short plasma tip and electrode life, excessive slag/dross, bevelled cut edge, and poor performance, then look to your compressed air. The most common cause of these problems is dirty and/or humid air. Dirt and humidity are the last things wanted in conjunction with heat application. It is important to filter out any moisture which may come from the air compressor before it reaches the cutting surface. Remember that clean, dry, compressed air is essential to maximize equipment uptime and consumable life.

Do You Need an Air Dryer?

Look at your electrode shaft and inside your plasma torch tips; if you notice black or grey staining, then your air is not clean enough to provide proper performance and optimal cut quality. In this case, you may want to look into getting an air dryer on your compressor to deliver clean, dry air to your plasma cutter. In turn, the dry air supplied to the torch will increase cut quality, reduce consumable costs, and protect your investment from moisture damage.

For more information on the types of compressed air dryers, click here.


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