When working with a MultiCam CNC plasma cutter, you are familiar with the need for the machines corresponding consumables. In order to maintain the high precision cutting and performance inherent in plasma cutting machines, it is important to regularly inspect and replace your consumables ensuring both the torch and operator are running efficiently. The parts within the plasma torch must be inspected regularly and replaced to keep your machine cutting safely, cost effectively, and performing high quality cuts.hi-plasma

Having a basic knowledge of how a Plasma machine operates will help users of these powerful machines understand why the proper replacement of consumables is necessary to ensure continued performance. The nozzle at the cutter’s tip concentrates the gas and creates a spark from the electrode, turning this gas stream into plasma. This stream of plasma can reach temperatures upwards of 16,000 degrees Celsius so you can only imagine the toll this amount of temperature and force will take on the cutter’s tip and other components. Some of the most common plasma torch wear items include: The electrode, nozzle, shield, and swirl ring.

1.       The Electrode:

Its primary function is to provide power to the plasma arc. The wear on this component can be determined by examining the insert and measuring pit depth. It is important because excessive electrode wear reduces the cut quality resulting in potential damage to the plasma torch. There are several causes for early deterioration of the electrode and most commonly the cause being mismatched parts. Gas flow settings, gas leaks, and moisture buildup are also common factors.

2.       The Nozzle:

The nozzle is used to limit the plasma arc to a specific diameter, as well as to constrict the plasma gas and increase its velocity. Similar to the electrode, the most common cause for wear to this component is mismatched torch parts. Incorrect cutting distance, incorrect gas and amp settings, aplasma cuttings well as cutting thicker material that the particular Plasma cannot handle are all common culprits of the deterioration of consumables.

3.       The Shield:

This component surrounds the consumable stack, protecting the parts from damage and contains an identical perfectly round hole similar to that of the nozzle. The main problem arising with the shield is damage to the main orifice caused by blockage as a result of dross or spatter. It should be noted that replacement of the shield is necessary if the main orifice is out-of-round.

4.       The Swirl Ring:

The swirl ring creates and controls the swirling action of the gas as it flows around the electrode and nozzle. A clogged swirl ring will hamper gas flow, decrease cut quality, and shorten both electrode and nozzle life. However, with the proper care and upkeep, the swirl ring will outlast many electrode and nozzle changes.

It is imperative to examine and care for all of your plasma torch parts on a regular basis which will ultimately help maximize the service life and performance of your plasma device altogether. Firms like MultiCam Canada understand the immense impact consumables have on a plasma cutter. Therefore, MultiCam’s services do not conclude at the point of sale of the plasma machine, it continues for the life of the machine with a prompt consumables ordering system. MultiCam fully understands the importance of delivering only the most suitable components for its machines in a timely manner which is why the ordering department at MultiCam is dedicated to provide you with high quality manufacturer recommended consumables to help prolong the life of your Plasma cutter.


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