The intensifier is the direct source of pressure for your waterjet cutting system. MultiCam uses KMT Waterjet as our supplier for waterjet cutting products including pumps, nozzles, and repair kits. No other system incorporates the features of the KMT Streamline PRO® to deliver the simplest, easiest to operate, most reliable system. The KMT intensifier can be disassembled one side at a time and features quick, one-step seal replacement.


Whether you choose a single or dual KMT Intensifier, there are two main factors which determine the size of system required: water volume and pressure. By increasing these two factors, cutting speed increases and the part will yield a cleaner edge.

There are three main variables which determine how much water and pressure is needed:

1. Material Density and Thickness

Materials with a relatively higher density require higher pressures. Thick materials (hard or soft) require larger streams of water which have greater velocity and more energy to cut over a long distance.

2. Cut Speed Required

Cutting faster is extremely important for high production environments as this will enable the company to realize higher margins. Increased cutting speed is possible with the KMT Streamline PRO® by increasing both water volume and pressure.

3. Size and Number of Cutting Heads

Multiple heads enable higher productivity but require more water.

For more information on KMT Intensifiers, click here.


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