MultiCam offers the powerful and versatile laser cutting technology providing quality cuts at high speeds. The MultiCam 2000 Series laser is designed for full sheet cutting of a variety of materials at top speed without sacrificing accuracy or quality. This means that you can save time without having to compromise the value of the product you are offering. The 2000 Series Laser is a machine that will truly offer the user a win-win situation, instead of confronting them with an unpleasant trade off between increases in productivity and decreases in quality.

Applications: Plastic parts fabrication, polished edge acrylic fabrication, decorative raster imaging (wood, plastic, metal), light metal machining (up to 8mm), surface mapping for parts with inconsistent thickness, leather cutting, fabric cutting, and wood machining

Options: The 2000 series laser has various options to ensure your cutting needs are satisfied:

  • Full range of table sizes
  • Full range of lasers
  • Capacitive height heads for metal cutting
  • Vision systems for part orientation
  • Fume extraction systems

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