MultiCam offers an immensely powerful cutting solution in the form of plasma. With a wide selection of styles, table sizes, and specifications, MultiCam’s Plasma cutting machines offer an excellent solution for any cutting job. With its popular V-Series format, MultiCam provides an affordable option for cutting thinner sheet metals that is unrivaled for HVAC applications. In addition to the V-series MultiCam offers the 1000 Series, 3000 Series and 6000 Series machines for fabrication applications. Equipped with high powered Hypertherm torches, these state of the art machines will give you a quality cut every time.

Applications: custom metal fabrication, industrial equipment manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, HVAC sheet metal fabrication, steel service centers, shipbuilding, job shop manufacturing.

Options: MultiCam offers a range of options to customize your machine in order to fit your cutting needs:

  • Full range of Hypertherm Air, HySpeed, and HyPerformance plasma systems
  • Zoned downdraft or waterfilled CNC tables
  • Oxy fuel torches for thicker materials
  • High performance drill and tap spindles
  • High RPM scribes for part making
  • Fixed or oscillating knife options for liner cutting

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