1)    3D Engrave Suite:  The brand new 3D Engrave Suite boasts features such as 3D Engrave, Rapid Texture, Rapid Picture, Contour Distortion, and Prismatic Lettering. With and easy to use interface this software allows the user to edit and create high quality designs.

2)    Advanced Nesting Suite: EnRoute 5 has enhanced this feature to include additional tools to help you optimize your yield and material usage. The new tools included  are:

  • Advanced True Shape
  • Block Nesting
  • Nest Around Obstructions
  • Common Line Cutting

3)    Remnant Creation: This feature optimizes material use by automatic identification of a remnant, and making a contour for the remnant. The system saves the remnant and on your next cutting job, EnRoute makes use of that remnant, by fitting whatever pieces it can from the new job into it. This is an extremely useful tool that compliments the Advanced Nesting Suite in the cost saving effort to reduce material usage.

4)    Object Distortion and new Relief Tools: This tool allows you to take an existing shape or design and alter it to fit your new requirements instead of starting from scratch. This feature saves you a significant amount of time as well as creating a consistent level of quality throughout your designs.

5)    Braille: EnRoute 5 allows you to convert text into Braille using its new feature: the Translator Tool. The tool converts text into the design needed for that particular message. Grade 1 and 2 Braille are available in this version of the software.

6)    Noise Distortion: Allows the user to give their designs a unique for their finished product by creating small variations in the toolpath. This provides a hand carved look that many customers will appreciate and can provide a competitive advantage for your company.

7)    The Blending Tool: This tool enables the user to quickly blend surfaces making 3D relief simpler

8)    Rapid Texture Fade: Provides the user with a fade feature for rapid texture. This tool has two additional parameters, which allow the user to control resolution and tolerance.

9)    Parametric Shape Wizard: This feature provides the user with existing shapes and then the ability to adjust the parameters to make them unique and fit their individual specifications.

To read more about the new capabilities of EnRoute 5 click here.


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