MultiCam Waterjet machines offer superior flexibility and versatility with their ability to cut almost anything. In addition to this, they also have the option to have multiple cutting heads. What benefits can this have for your Waterjet cutting operations? How will this positively affect you productivity? Lets take a look at the benefits that this feature of MultiCam Waterjets can offer you:


  • Single or dual abrasive head assemblies: This means that your machine can come equipped with more than one head assembly capable of abrasive cutting
  • Up to four pure water heads: Your Waterjet machine will have the ability to have multiple heads capable of pure water cutting.


  • Flexibility:  These features allow for even greater flexibility and versatility than is already offered by the Waterjet cutting technology. It allows for an even greater variety of jobs to be done varying not only by type of material but also by size.
  • Increase efficiency: Having more than one cutting head creates efficiency benefits when cutting a large piece of material, or a job that would have to be reset often throughout the cutting process. Since multiple heads allow the machine to work on different parts of the material all at once it saves time by decreasing the amount used resetting, or struggling with large materials.
  • Increase production: This option provides you the flexibility to add more heads, which results in the ability to cut more, and at a faster rate than if you were only using one cutting head. This increase in speed in turn leads to an increase in production, as well as productivity for  your company


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