Point of Purchase Displays have a strong influence on purchasing decisions

product-knife22A well made POP (Point-of-purchase) display, aligned with a company’s marketing strategy, can be an important influence on sales. Consumers are bombarded with thousands of product labels and brands on a daily basis and can often be overwhelmed when making purchasing decisions. Consumer behaviour research states that consumers make 70% of their buying decisions in the retail environment, making POP displays a key promotional factor. Here are a few tips to help create successful POP displays:

  • Get your target market’s attention – Make your product stand out by presenting your brand on POP stands. An attractive merchandising display will emphasize your products value and improve margins.
  • Integrate product information on the display – Create signs and graphics that both draw attention, but also inform the customer about your product’s value proposition. You may include such components as a brochure holder, LCD screens, or touch-pads to emphasize thcosmetic display 1e brand.
  • Keep it uniform – Often a simple, branded, and uniform POP display has the most impact on consumers. Be sure to keep your brands message consistent throughout the campaign.
  • Differentiate featured products – Design your retail space and find clever positioning solutions for POP displays. This will help persuade consumers to purchase additional items or guide him/her to look at higher valued products without consciously searching.

With POP displays becoming more prominent in the marketplace, a grand opportunity presents itself for manufacturing firms in this industry. CNC knife cutting machinery, like MultiCam’s Digital Express, is an essential component to any POP display cutting process. POP displays require the inherent flexibility of a CNC knife cutter to create a variety of unique designs and outputs that successfully coincide with the marketing strategy of individual companies. Manufacturers of POP displays have made use of CNC technology and its diverse set of capabilities to help create a wide selection of designs as well as to increase overall productivity. MultiCam has identified this apparent need and has managed the next step to help POP display manufacturers by partnering with AG/CAD to enable the distribution of KASEMAKE software. KASEMAKE is a software application aimed at the POP, POS, merchandising, packaging, and sign sectors. The software includes a parametric design library including globally accepted packaging designs such as FEFCO for corrugated and ECMA for carton board. Using a simple user-interface, internal sizes are entered along with the material profile and the parametric system automatically generates a drawing that includes specific tolerances for the specific style and material. A great opportunity exists for manufacturers in the POP industry, and MultiCam’s CNC knife cutters combined with KASEMAKE software can help to capitalize on this trend.


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