Whether you’re new to CNC Machining or a practiced veteran, there are always ways to make your project more reliable and efficient.

Here are few tips to keep in mind that will increase the productivity of your tools:

  1. The power of the shortest tooling

If you’re routing a large part, that can certainly lead to the chatter you’re experiencing. In fact, it’s often the primary cause. Slow your router down, take less off,  and do more passes. It’s the best place to start first. If that doesn’t remove your chatter, then move on to check number two:

  1.  Improving performance using the right tool setting

Always follow the right tool setting techniques to improve performance. This is important if you are looking to minimize damages to the tool and prevent the shortening of its lifespan. Pro Tip: the shank should fill at least 75% percent of the internal diameter of the collet

  1. Tool Diameter vs Material Thickness

Don’t overlook tool diameter vs material thickness. Using a larger diameter can prevent tool deflection. This happens when the material being used is resisting the tool and not in line with how the machine is expecting the tool to move. This can be prevented or reduced by assessing the material being cut and determining if it will work better with a tool that has a larger diameter. While this may not always be the answer, it should be a determining factor in your tool selection process.

  1. The Art of Direction

If you have ever noticed that one side of the product looks better than the other, it’s probably because of the direction in which the tool is rotating. This is usually because the tool path and rotation of the tool is attempting to drive itself off of that tool path as its working. If this happens, we recommend switching the rotation of the direction of the tool that cuts around the finished part. Always remember to move the router in the direction of the bit rotation


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