Whether it is linked solely to the economy or just a sign of the times, the number of manufacturers with large production runs is dwindling. This is due in large part to the multifunction flexibility and easy setup of today’s Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines which allow for batch processing of varying quantities or even customizable products at an economical cost.

Mass customization is an emerging manufacturing process highlighted by its use of computer aided manufacturing systems, or CNC machinery, to produce a customized output for consumers. These systems are important as they combine the low unit costs of mass production with the flexibility of the individualized customization inherent in CNC machinery. It is viewed by many as the newrouter3 frontier in business competition for both the manufacturing and service industries, and at its core it is a progressive increase in variety and customization without a corresponding increase in costs. This provides an important strategic advantage and adds to the economic value of firms employing this process.

Mass customization is defined as the production of goods and services to meet individual customer’s needs with near mass production efficiency. It is a strategy that creates value for the customer by some form of company-customer interaction occurring at the fabrication and assembly stage of the manufacturing operation. The goal is to create favourable customized products with the production cost and retail price similar to those of mass produced products. Mass customization is an excellent ideology for firms to employ based on the potential benefits associated with the process. It also gives the firm the capability to manufacture relatively high volume of product options for a relatively large market, or select niche markets, that demand customization. More importantly, the firm can offer this customization without any tradeoffs in cost, delivery, and quality.

Businesses such as MultiCam have recognized this shift and give firms the opportunity to capitalize on this growing trend. MultiCam Canada offers customers CNC machinery that helps to satisfy even the most unique manufacturing requirements. Whether it is a router, plasma, knife, laser, or waterjet machine, MultiCam helps firms to achieve their manufacturing goals by offering a customizable automated machine imperative to firms looking to capitalize on this trend. Mass customization is becoming an essential and legitimate manufacturing process, and ignoring it may be damaging to your business operations.


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