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For this edition of Tool Tip Tuesday we look into cutting ACP

ACP stands for Aluminum Composite Panel (also referred to as ACM or aluminum composite material) or more broadly referred to as a sandwich panel. This particular type of sandwich panel consists of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. These panels have far-reaching applications, including interior and exterior facades, displays, aerospace applications, partitions, coverings, and more.

Our customer was looking for some advice on CNC router bits to cut ACP. He had been using router bits that were designed to cut plastics, but was interested in whether there were bits better designed for his applications. He had been using spiral upcut bits, and required a 3/16″ cutting diameter, 1/4″ shank diameter, and a 5/8″ cutting depth.

Onsrud 66-300 Router Bit for cutting ACM panelsFor cutting ACP/ACM, we point our customers in the direction of Onsrud’s 63-600 Series. These high-speed, single-flute, solid carbide upcut spiral o flute bits are great for ACM panels. Specifically we recommended 63-618 which has a cutting diameter of 3/16″, 1/4″ shank diameter, and a flute length of 5/8″.

You can purchase your own 63-600 Series router bits by visiting or email our orders department at [email protected]


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