In woodcutting, it is necessary to treat each type of wood individually for their specific properties. It may surprise you how the tool you use when woodcutting can make a huge difference in your finished product.

As you may know from a previous blog post, upcut tools extract the material upwards while downcutters push the material downwards. Choosing upcut vs downcut tools can depend on the type of material, material thickness, and which side is the ‘finished’ side. When choosing the most appropriate tool based on type of material, in this case we have wood.

There are different types of woods which are categorized into two general categories as hard or soft:

Hardwoods: oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut

Softwoods: pine, birch, cedar

When selecting the best tool for the job, you can select a flute that is straight, upcut, downcut, or compression.Compression cutters are most versatile as they can cut hardwood, softwood, and laminated wood.

Onsrud Compression Cutter

If you are finding it difficult to choose an upcut vs. downcut tool based only one side being finished, compression cutters produce a nice top and bottom finish on your material. 

When selecting the best tool for the hardwood vs. softwood, you can select single, double, or multiple flutes. Single flutes are best used with softwood as it allows for larger chip loads, while softwood naturally generates more woodchips. As for hardwood, the higher number of flutes will achieve the best part finish.

For further assistance with selecting the perfect tool for your job, contact MultiCam’s order desk.

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