MultiCam Canada was asked by a customer to provide tooling advice for wood applications. The customer being in the design industry is cutting many different types of materials. Their material requirements tend to change week to week which requires extensive knowledge on tooling.

For cutting soft wood, hard wood, and wood composites, MultiCam recommended Onsrud Item #52-287. This is a ¼” Upcut Spiral Wood Rout to cut at a speed of 18,000 RPM with a feed rate of 252 IPM. An upcut tool was recommended in order to pull the chips up and out of the material since a smooth finish on the top edge was not required. The customer was satisfied with the recommendation as they were able to get the job completed in an effective and timely manner.

It is important to note that although an upcut tool may complete a job more efficiently in comparison to a downcut, it won’t necessarily provide the appropriate finish. For a smooth top edge, a downcut or compression tool is recommended.

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