Some useful tips to keep your Plasma cutting smooth

A plasma torch is designed to allow various gases, torch coolant, and electrical current flow through the plasma cuttingtorch simultaneously without adversely affecting one another. As such, the torch is an extremely important component to the CNC plasma cutting process and improving the torch consumables will effectively yield higher quality cutting results.  Below is a list of torch consumables that require proper maintenance in order to ensure a quality finished product:

  • Gas distributor – The gas distributor is an important component because it creates a swirling vortex of gas and keeps it centered with the electrode tip and the centre of the nozzle orifice.
  • Nozzle – The nozzle’s design features are crucial to obtaining optimal cutting quality. The nozzle is designed so that the orifice is larger than the vortex of ionized gas being focused. This hi-plasmaallows the nozzle to contain and focus the vortex of plasma without being negatively affected by it. Cut quality suffers when either the exterior or interior of the nozzle orifice becomes damaged.
    • Internal nozzle damage is caused by a blown electrode, piloting problems, and gas flow problems, or current settings that are configured incorrectly
    • External nozzle damage may be caused by excess metal spatter on the nozzle that may occur if the torch cuts too close to the plate or pierces thick metal. Damage also occurs when the arc struggles to make an electrical connection to the plate.


  • Nozzle Shield – the shield protects the nozzle from being damaged during the cutting process. The shield’s orifice is a critical feature. If it is damaged, it will negatively affect the plasma gas flow, leading to poor cutting quality.
  • Electrodes – Electrode failure occurs when the emitting element has worn back so deeply that the arc begins to emit off of the surrounding copper or silver casting.

It is evident how crucial the proper maintenance and replacement of torch consumables are to the overall CNC plasma cutting process. MultiCam Canada recognizes the importance and has an entire department dedicated to consumables to ensure our clients are receiving the appropriate parts to keep their machines cutting smooth and prolong its useful life. If you are in need of tooling support and recommendations feel free to contact our order desk by phoning 905-738-7954, or by sending an email to [email protected].


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